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We are a team of experienced business development managers, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs.

We are a BEE level 1 social enterprise company, that was founded in 2018, with an overarching objective of driving entrepreneurship development, so as to reinforce economic development & inclusion.

We empower women and youth between the ages of 18- 35 with an array of business development resources & tools, so that they can start and grow their own businesses, from idea conceptualization to launch.

We are advocates & custodians of entrepreneurship development

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Company Mission

Promoting Entrepreneurship and offer turnkey startup  services, resources, support and guidance at every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

Our vision is to create an enabling environment that accelerates entrepreneurship and small business  create unprecedented economic empowering opportunities for youth. 

Why Choose Us

We deliver strategic value and are genuinely committed about accelerating an inclusive, thriving economy with sustainable empowerment. We are passionate about uplifting other disadvantaged entrepreneurs.

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