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Startup Pitch Competition

 A great opportunity to  present your concept behind your newly formed businesses and stand a chance to win cash towards your startup. 

Advocating Entrepreneurship & Uplifting Small Business

Our Startup Pitch Competition's aim is to elevate budding ventures

We share your passion for Entrepreneurship. We are committed to unleashing the entrepreneur in you so that we can together accelerate economic growth and help realize your dreams. We help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through the power of life-enhancing connections, shared experiences and collaborative learning.

Competition Requirements

  • Must be a registered member of Start-up Entrepreneur
  • Business can be an idea that you show commitment to by registering before closing date (members get assisted with free Business registration) OR 
  • Business must be already registered & under 3 yrs old with up to date Annual Returns
  • Must submit a one page business plan (downloadable from our website) + A 5 minute Recorded Video/Audio business pitch, A Business Pitch deck or 1 Page/Home Website (Members get these for free)
  • Must be a South African Resident who operates in SA
  • The business must be majority owned by its founders and team members at the time of application. The applicant must be part of the founding team. 
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age 
  • No Sole trader Businesses applications will be accepted

Winners Categories

There are 3 stages


For new companies (Recently registered or less than one year – 3 years old in 2023 ) -building a new product or service, in any industry.

Youth Owned

For Youth owned  (18 -35 years) companies,  (less than one year – 3 years old ) building a new product or service, in any industry. 

Rural Women

For new companies that are operated in rural areas (less than one year – 3 years ) building a new product or service, in any industry.

Startup Pitch Battle is an independent pitching competition that gives startups the support to grow and the platform to raise investment. It supports startups across South Africa, whether you’ve just launched or you’re getting ready to grow. It’s designed to boost your skills, network and confidence.

Below are some of  the most frequently asked questions,

Yes it can be!  That said, the more fleshed-out your idea is, the higher your chances of being selected. So if you have an idea, try to demonstrate some sort of validation for applying if you can. If not, apply anyway – what do you have to lose?

No, you do not need to give up any equity. The sole purpose of the Competition is to transform the country’s economy and ultimately creating employment.

Yes, all businesses must be based in South Africa. This may change for future competitions so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of any changes or opportunities.

No. Unfortunately we do not accept applications from non registered businesses or sole proprietors. It is a prerequisite that all applicant register their businesses even if they are still at an idea development stage. This also helps your businesses to be matched as a business supplier with our corporate partners.

  1. (Application Deadline) 31 July2023
  2. (Semi FinalAuditions/ Pitch Presentation) 28 August2023
  3. (Final Result) 17th November 2023* the dates are subject to changehowever participants will be made aware

Pitch competitions extends beyond cash prizes

Below are some of the Pitch Benefits

Pitch competitions all have specific parameters and rules, but no matter what, In addition to monetary prizes, start-ups have a unique opportunity to get feedback from judges, so as to create successful ventures and capture the attention of angel investors. Even if you don’t win, the pitch competition can be a way to introduce yourself to your potential customers and the elite world of venture capital and angel investment. You will, of course, want to make the best impression that you can.

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