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The Enterprise Development and Startup Guide publication is more than just a book. It’s a lifeline, a beacon of hope for those who dare to dream!

The Problem that Startup Development Agency is tackling and a solution

Entrepreneurship isn’t a trait you’re born with. It’s a skill, honed and developed over time, influenced by myriad social contingencies. But what happens when these contingencies, these opportunities for growth and learning, are out of reach for a significant portion of the population?

Consider the 15,000 young individuals registered in our database, each brimming with potential, each eager to carve out their own path in the business world. Their dreams, however, are often stifled by a lack of access to crucial information and opportunities.This is a challenge faced by many in under-served areas.

The culprit? The digital divide – a chasm widened by the prohibitive costs of internet access and the lack of infrastructure.

 It is for this reason that Edu Empower Startup Entrepreneur Development Agency was conceived and publishing this Enetrprise Development and concise SME Guide.

The objectives of what we do

Every individual, regardless of where they come from, deserves a fair shot at success. It’s up to us – the business community, the government and the education institutions to provide our youth with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.


Cleo Khutwana

Eduempower Startup Development Agency Founder & CEO

The Benfits of Enterprise Development Engagement

South Africa’s unemployment rate remains one of the highest in the world and it is sadly creating a cascading effect that ripples across the broader economy (i.e. decreased consumer spending, increased government spending, increased poverty.)

The development of Entrepreneurship and growth of SME’s is essential for the alleviation of the current unemployment crisis in South Africa. Accelerated engagement in ED will boost the creation of sustainable SMEs, jobs and entrepreneurial activity, while contributing to more favourable investor perceptions, locally and internationally.

Increased ROI

We provide businesses with excellent exposure that stimulates your business ROI . e.g Visibility of your brand in the Publication, the Roadshows, Workshops.

Promote local Economy & improve B-BBEE

This promotes local economy, Provides high-quality leads and you can enjoy strong B-BBEE scorecard rewards

Uplift & Build Relationships

This is an opportunity to create new ED supplier connections, create opportunities for collaboration in the future & attract new customers.

Foster a Positive Brand Recognition

You can attract positive media attention, set your brand apart as industry leader from your competition and inspire/ gain brand loyalty within this market niche.

The Challenge we are addressing, the solution and the call to Leaders

Let’s use our positions, our influence, to ignite Entreprepreneurship and Enterprise Development, to fuel the dreams of young people so that they are able to be part of the mainstream economy.

Your role is vital

To Government officials and Enterprise Development Managers tuning in, reflect on your role in fostering enterprise development. Consider the initiatives in place and ask yourself, are they accessible to all?

Democratizing Enterprise Development

Bruno Silva

Professional Staff

Providing a lifeline to the underserved

Bruno Silva

Professional Staff

Bridging the Digital Gap Divide

Rachel Reed

Professional Staff

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